Finally, a crate that you can easily access on the water.

The LowPro Crate System is designed not only to securely contain all of your gear, it is also designed to be easily accessed from behind while on the water. The LowPro is a leaning crate with angled dividers. That way, your boxes are leaning towards you and you can reach directly for what you need.

1. Easy to assemble

Using the included hardware, you can assemble your LowPro within a few minutes.

2. Detailed Extra Features

The regular system includes 3 rod holders and a soft cover with 1 extra storage dry pocket. The cover can be easily lifted to access gear.

3. Superior Quality

Made with 3/8 inch HDPE, our LowPro Crate System is super strong and is resistent to warping, scratches and fading.

4. Made to Fit most Kayaks with a storage area.

All you have to do is place in the storage area and secure with bungee cord.

LowPro Crate System Available to purchase online!

LowPro Crate System

Designed to fit most Kayaks. Crate is 13.75 inches wide. Fits 3600 Plano boxes horizontally and 3700 with no dividers.


Includes hardware, crate cover and 3 rod holders.

LowPro Crate System XD

Designed to fit larger rear well Kayaks like Bonafide, Native and Hobie. Fits 3700 Plano boxes horizontally.


Includes hardware, crate cover and 6 rod holders.