Transform your seat into a key storage area designed for use on the water.

The QuickPack kayak seat bag is designed not only to securely contain all of your gear, it is also designed to be easily accessed behind you while on the water. Store gear with ease without having to take up other valuable storage space.

1. Easy to attach to your kayak seat.

The extended velcro straps allows you to install the bag in seconds.

2. 3 levels of storage

The large pocket is designed to hold larger gear like tackle boxes or other gear. The inside pocket is a full water resistant pocket. The smaller outside pocket is designed to items you want to access quickly.

3. Superior Quality

Made in the USA and sewn with fabrics made for use with water.

4. Made to Fit most Kayaks with a frame based kayak seat.

The large extended industrial strength velcro straps are adjustable to fit different sized seats.


Quickpack Kayak Seat Bag Available to purchase online!

Quickpack Kayak Seat Bag

Designed to fit most Kayak frame seats. 3 pockets. Fits 2 3600 Plano boxes horizontally in the large pocket.


Connected by velcro straps.