One Size Anchor system that Adjusts to Fit Your Kayak.

The QuickStop Adjustable Offset Anchor System is designed to install onto your kayak within seconds and adjust to fit almost any kayak with rear gear tracks. It is so easy to use and is also designed for easy travel.

1. Easy to Install

Using the included hardware, you can install your anchor system within seconds.

2. Detailed Extra Features

The system includes a quality Harken style Cheek Pulley for easy retraction. It also includes a pair of collars that go over your pole with an eye bolt to connect 550 paracord for retraction. These collars are easy to remove so that the pole can be removed for easy travel. Pole that is included is 3/4" in diameter, 7.5ft tall and is solid fiberglass.

3. Superior Quality

Made with 3/4 inch  StarBoard HDPE, our QuickStop is super strong and is resistent to warping, scratches and fading.

4. Made to Fit Most Kayaks with rear gear tracks.

System is designed to adjust to fit differennt widths. It comes with adjust knobs and all hardware needed to install to tracks. FeelFree users will need track adapters to fit the FeelFree tracks.

System with black poles are in stock and are available for purchase.

QuickStop Adjustable Y-Plate Anchor System w/ Pole

Designed to fit kayaks with rear gear tracks. Adjusts to the correct width.FeelFree models will require additional YakAttack Track Adapters

$149.99 - $179.99

Incudes hardware needed to mount to tracks (excluding FeelFree), 2 pole collars with eye bolt and set screw, rope, pulley and 3/4" diameter 7.5 ft tall solid fiberglass pole.