QuickScope - Livescope/360 Sonar mount
QuickScope - Livescope/360 Sonar mount

QuickScope - Livescope/360 Sonar mount

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The Quickscope allows you to mount your live sonar transducer to your kayak. This mount is compatible with any marine live sonar transducer. Simply attach your transducer to the mount, the mount to your watercraft, and get a fuller view of what's happening below the surface. The 360° swiveling movement allows you to face your transducer where you want using a handle that rises from the water to hip level. A direction indicator shows you what where your transducer is facing.

This mount includes...

  1. 40" PVC shaft with a 1.25" ID that is easily customized to your preferred length and allows you to run the electrical head throught the shaft for clean install.
  2. a kickup feature that protects your transducer if you hit something below
  3. adjustable shaft collar
  4. 2 t nuts to mount to track
  5. easy to use handle with directional arrows. Once tranducer is lined parallel to the handle arrow, you will easily know which way the sonar is facing and where the fish is.