QuickStop™ Hobie PA12/14 w/ pole

QuickStop™ Hobie PA12/14 w/ pole

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The QuickStop™ Hobie PA12/14 installs to the PA12 or PA14 Hobie Pro Angler.

  • Easy to install.

  • Includes a quality cheek block piece for smooth retraction. Also includes a pair of collars that slide over your pole with an eye bolt to connect 550 paracord for retraction. The collars are easy to remove so the pole can be removed for travel. Pole Specs: 3/4" diameter, 7.5ft tall and solid fiberglass.

  • Super strong and is resistant to warping, scratching and fading.

  • Comes with adjust knobs and hardware needed to install to tracks. FeelFree users will need track adapters to fit the FeelFree tracks.